Best Walleye Pictures

Since the walleye fishing season is now at the door, I thought that I should bring some of the best walleye pictures that can be found on the web into one post. When looking for the best walleye pictures on the web, I realized that a lot of very good quality walleye pictures can found within the foloowing walleye content: walleye blog, walleye forum, professional photographers and outfitter's websites.

Flickr :: walleye pictures
Flickr is a website where you can shared photos / pictures. Using their serach tool, you will be able to find great quality walleye pictures from anywhere in North America. Have a look at some of the best walleye pictures I 've found:
walleye picture, walleye photo, trophy walleye This is a great walleye picture with Ashley while fishing for walleye with Eric Quest Charters.

walleye picture, walleye photo, 28 inches

Anna shows a nice 28 inches walleye caught on Lake Erie.

Best Walleye Lure - Cotton Cordell Wally Diver

best walleye lure : Cotton Cordell Wally Diver
Best Walleye Lure : Cotton Cordell Wally Diver

The Cotton Cordell Wally Diver fishing lure is a great lipped crankbait. Everything about these fishing lures - their action, their profiles, their colors – is expertly designed for walleye fishing in North America.

Initially designed as a walleye lure for trolling, the Wally Diver's true-running, moderately tight wobble soon became sought after by fishermen casting for walleye, bass and pike as well. The slender, slightly curved profile of the lure is perfect for slow trolling after finicky fish. Internal rattles call out to predators and hold their attention.

The Wally Diver has proven that its slender profile and tight wiggle produce big walleye. It's very effective on the Great Lakes. Its tight compact action increases hooksets and is equally effective whether cast or trolled.

Best Walleye lure: New 7" Big Ripstick 900 Series

walleye lure, reefrunner, reef runner, new 900 series, trophy walleyeBest Walleye Lures
Reef Runner Fishing Lures have launched a new series for their fabulous Big Ripstick walleye lure. Originally the 900 series has been designed for the musky market but this new series is also used by experienced walleye fisherman who are looking to catch monster walleyes. The new 900 series is also categorized as one of the hottest walleye crankbait in the USA!

Characteristics of the 7" Ripstick

The new 900 series is 7" long and they are equipped with size 2/0 saltwater hooks. This turn this walleye lure into the major league to catch trophy walleyes.

This walleye lure could dive to 8' to 10' when cast and even down to 18' with 150' of line when trolled. Fireline should get them 25% deeper ;) They are available in the following colors:

  • Bare Naked
  • Perch
  • Firetiger
  • Mooneye Minnow
  • Ericdescent
  • Pink lemonade (My preferred walleye color!)
My preferred walleye color : Pink Lemonade

walleye lure, reefrunner 900, new walleye lure, reefrunner pink lemonade
Better walleye hook available
If you are just like me and you like to have the best walleye hook on your crankbait, you can upgrade this walleye lure with Gamakatsu replacement hook.
walleye hook, best walleye hook, reefrunner replacement hookRecent comment of a walleye fisherman about the new 900 series

"This is the first year that I have used reef runner baits and all I can say is that this is a great product for producing good sized walleye time after time. The bait produces a great action whether it is being trolled or retrieved in."

Walleye video : Walleye fishing - Huron Ohio - ReefRunner Crankbait
Have a look at this walleye fishing video about fall walleye fishing with reefrunner crankbait with Rob Cardinal from Lake Erie Sport Fishing.

New Walleye Jig - Lindy's Change Jig System

As many of you already know, jigging is my favorite walleye fishing technique! I just like looking for walleye structures and then let the boat drift and slowly jig for walleye. Always remember that speed is the key for walleye, slow speed!

New for 2009, Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle has released a new jig system that will apparently change the way we jig for walleye. The new X-Change Jig System will allows walleye anglers to quickly and easily change the weight or color of their walleye jig without retying!

Depending on the wind conditions, color swapping or facing finicky walleye that dictate a faster or slower fall rate, the X-Change Jig System provides walleye anglers with a multitude of size, color and hook options that can be changed for the conditions with one simple snap.

The new X-Change Jig System is available in 20 colors with 4 jighead sizes per pack : 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8.

Can wait for the walleye fishing season to start and have a chance to test these new jigs!